Installment One


THE EDEN PROJECT: To combat global warming and reverse desertification

How about transporting water, via large-diameter flexible tubing, from the mouth of the Amazon River (above the salinity line) across the Atlantic Ocean to a machine-excavated riverbed that would eventually traverse the African Sahel from Mauritania to the Red Sea.

Since flexible tubing (for deep water, suspended pipelines) and gigantic earth  movers (capable of moving more than 75,000 cubic meter of earth a day) are now viable tools, why not run  large-diameter flexible pipelines  from the mouth of the Amazon across the Atlantic Ocean to Mauritania to fill a man-made riverbed which would stretch across the Sahel (dry areas not yet desert) from the Mauritanian coast through Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad and Sudan which are all fighting desertification?

Couldn’t the flexible pipeline be floated deep enough below the ocean surface to avoid the surface problems of wind?  Couldn’t the pipeline be anchored to the ocean floor with cables to mitigate  the movement of the tubing by the ocean currents?

Couldn’t pumps capable of handling massive amounts of water, and powered by solar energy, be situated on the Mauritanian coast  to keep the river water flowing into the man-made (machine-excavated) river bed?

Why not create top soil by sowing successive plantings of fast growing vegetation irrigated by the new river so that the Sahel could provide sustainable agricultural economies in all countries through which the river runs?   Since trees are the most natural and efficient means of reducing carbon dioxide we have on the planet, why not plant trees along the river banks to begin reforestation in the Sahel?

No?  Can’t be done?  Too large a project?

Think of the Grand Canal in China, purportedly started  in the fifth century BC and finished  during the seventh century CE.  Eleven hundred miles long (or fourteen hundred miles long, depending on the Internet site visited) and constructed long before there was any harnessed  energy on the planet other than that of animals actually wearing harness.

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